Why “Computers are stupid”?

Well the year I started working playing with computers was around 1978; Our Junior Highschool had a computer terminal that connected via phone line (at 110 Baud synchronous) to a 32 port HP 2100A mini computer. I was able to get time to use it nearly everyday since I worked in the Career center, doing data entry, learning to program in basic, writing programs that would capture someone’s log in information, which I would use later to explore. SO much FUN!!!

Later that year I found that a ComputerLand opened in my neighborhood, within bike riding distance. Eventually I wore the owner down, he wrote up a contract that we both signed that I would work for ComputerLand, 8 hours a day on Saturday for a year, in return I would receive an Apple II microcomputer.

Now my family wasn’t struggling, but my parents couldn’t see dropping $1200.00 on a new fangled toy, so I had to do what I could to get my own. My friends were jealous. They eventually got over it.

But to the point of my story. Why “Computers are stupid”? Some years ago, a friend of mine and I considered starting a radio show called Computers are stupid. It was to be a funny, pithy and quipy show about the Computer industry, how people use computers, and the fact that Computers are stupid in all reality.

The computer show never got off the ground, we lived too far away from each other, didn’t have access to a Radio Station studio, nor the financial backing that it would require.

So I had already gone and aquired the domain name for the web site that would house articles, and make available downloads that we discussed on the air.

Since the show was a no-go, I kept the Computersarestupid.com domain and have been using it to host my own blog about my experiences, funny stories about my time working for different IT companies, and just tech in general.

Just take a moment to think about it. Computers are very quick, and are very good at following instructions to the letter. And that’s about it. You tell a computer to do something – you use the right commands and syntax, and it will not hesitate to execute the instructions as you command it to. Even if you accidentally used a command that would cripple, or destroy the data on your computer, it does it quickly and efficiently.

Bottom line is, generally computers have no intelligence, but that has been changing over the years. For example IBM has Watson, which is an Artificially intelligent system. Other companies are attempting AI or cognitive, but IBM is way ahead of the pack. And I love the fact that I am an IBMer and I get to participate in this evolution of computing.