Happily cruising my mid-life crisis.

Hello dear readers,

I think I’m going through my mid-life crisis.

It isn’t really a mid-life crisis in terms of me trying to retain/regain my youth, that’s not an issue for me, that boat has sailed. My crisis is that I haven’t completed the technical projects that my mind has been proposing for many years.

I’ve made SOME progress. I have my home network wiring nearly 90% completed. I have acquired a cider block of IP addresses that I can use to put a server or what not directly onto the internet.

And the great thing is, I just took on another short term personal project.

My Eldest Son is talking about getting into Cyber Warfare in the Army. He is already a solider in the Army, which makes it infinitely easier. For his recent birthday I got him a new computer. A shiny black streamlined screamer of a machine. The Intel NUC Skull Canyon.

I’ve been spending a couple of days installing operating systems (Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). I have installed a copy of Sun’s Virtual Box software and nearly 10 different Linux/Unix ISOs for him to use and learn with. Also the ultimate in security and pen testing; Kali Linux.

I think it’s cool my Son wants to get into my field, a very promising and growing field it is.

For myself, I have Linux+, Cloud+, and VMware VCP certifications on the horizon. So I am going to be busy, which is a great thing.

I will be documenting my progress and any observations I have.

I’m most happy when I can get 5 hours learning a new thing a week, 1 short hour a day. Be it reading or a hands-on project, that’s what makes my heart sing.

I have three women in my house!

Ok, so normally I would say “Big deal” because it isn’t the first time I had three ladies in the house, but this time two of the “Ladies” are digital assistants.

There is my main squeeze, Regina, the light of my life, my lovely wife, Siri and Alexa (or “Computer” which I have it’s name set to).  Now my wife and Siri have had a long and interesting relationship, which consisted of my wife requesting something from Siri, and Siri completely not getting what she wanted. And then follows the continual fight to get Siri to get it verbally rather than type a search term into google or yahoo.

And now, I have added another “Sister wife” to the mix, Alexa, whom I call computer because living in the future is rad and I love Star Trek.

I also have made the move to start getting connected lights, and most recently connected light switches.

I also picked up a new (and cheap) “laptop” by Hyundai, yep they make computers as well. It really just is a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard, I had to purchase a Bluetooth mouse. It’s cute,  4 core 64 bit intel processor.

Neat, it is really designed as a windows 10 gaming machine. I almost took a version of Linux to it, Kali for the flavor.

But back to my home automation, I will be posting more as information become available.


Picking up hacking at a later age

I have been inspired, here is my thanks to USA network: Thank you for taking a chance on “Mr. Robot” for it is a super cool, well written, wickedly acted series that is also living exclusively on Amazon.

So after watching two seasons of Elliot mentally melting down, and taking the people round him down as well. I am in love with everyone who is involved in telling this story.

It does have elements of fight club, but with cool subtleties… which because of spoilers I will not be revealing specifics.

So, I have been rooting around for a hobby that I could dive head first into. And if you know me at all, it involves computers, computing devices, and general hacking. I even ordered a lock picking kit for fun. In reading about lock picking it is as a concept actually easy, and these days there are groups that have turned lock picking into a sport.  Yay!

I have also made a couple of tech purchases.  I bought a Lenovo Yoga Pad 3, and a hp Chromebook 11 g4.  The yoga pad is great at converting hand written communication into digital text (much much better than the Newton and I didn’t have to train it!)…  I planned on installing ubuntu 16.04 on the Chromebook, running parallel to the chrome os, which is fundamentally Linux.

Also on the roadmap is installing Kali Linux on a raspberry pi rig.  I haven’t been this insipired about something in a long time (aside from my wife).

Excitement doesn’t end there, recently a new Raspberry Pi Zero was released; the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The price did jump from $5 per board to $10 for the W version. W means wireless, network, and low powered blue tooth. AWESOME!

More hack thoughts later…