It seems as though I have finally fixed and removed all sorts of nasty hacking activities that my lovely blog suffered.

YEP, I got hacked hard.  It was my fault really, I had been running my blog for years and I doubt I ever changed the password for the site, or the FTP username and password.

The hackers were prolific, nearly every one of my sub-directories, word press or not, were filled with backdoor php files. I’d go through and think I got them all, but 20 minutes later the site was down again.

So, I chose to go in to the server and destroy the rest of the files and sub-directories. Cleaned house.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a solid backup, or backup plan. So over a decade of postings have been lost. Oh well. Here’s to new thoughts and stories!


PS I am still in the midst of setting the blog up, making tweaks and so forth.

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