Happily cruising my mid-life crisis.

Hello dear readers,

I think I’m going through my mid-life crisis.

It isn’t really a mid-life crisis in terms of me trying to retain/regain my youth, that’s not an issue for me, that boat has sailed. My crisis is that I haven’t completed the technical projects that my mind has been proposing for many years.

I’ve made SOME progress. I have my home network wiring nearly 90% completed. I have acquired a cider block of IP addresses that I can use to put a server or what not directly onto the internet.

And the great thing is, I just took on another short term personal project.

My Eldest Son is talking about getting into Cyber Warfare in the Army. He is already a solider in the Army, which makes it infinitely easier. For his recent birthday I got him a new computer. A shiny black streamlined screamer of a machine. The Intel NUC Skull Canyon.

I’ve been spending a couple of days installing operating systems (Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). I have installed a copy of Sun’s Virtual Box software and nearly 10 different Linux/Unix ISOs for him to use and learn with. Also the ultimate in security and pen testing; Kali Linux.

I think it’s cool my Son wants to get into my field, a very promising and growing field it is.

For myself, I have Linux+, Cloud+, and VMware VCP certifications on the horizon. So I am going to be busy, which is a great thing.

I will be documenting my progress and any observations I have.

I’m most happy when I can get 5 hours learning a new thing a week, 1 short hour a day. Be it reading or a hands-on project, that’s what makes my heart sing.

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