The latest trend that I am hoping to spark.

So through the years there have always been trends that I have watched, shaken my head over, and even participated in.  This time, just this once, I have come up with a pretty snazzy and neat idea that could be an upcoming trend.  Not to say I’m all that, I’m not, but my little idea is.

I really hate when I’m going to a) the doctors or b) any business that I may be doing business with, and they want my phone number and email address. Well brilliantly, my lazy mind got creative and produced this:

So I’ve got two great tastes that taste great together… (sorry couldn’t help it)

My email address contains my phone number, brilliant eh?  I chose .cloud because, well, just because.

I’m sure I’m not the first to do something like this, but I’d like to think the idea is sort of unique.

More later…



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