Death of physical media?

If you are an oldster like me, you know what vinyl records, CDs, DVDs or even 8 track tapes were.  I am sad to say that I believe that physical media is dying/falling by the way side.

When I was a child, we had vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and cassette tapes. I remember being disappointed that my cool new album had gotten a scratch on it, or I may have left a 45 in my parent’s station wagon and got all sorts of warped (but sometimes still could be played).  And as for data there were 8 1/2″ floppy disks,  5 1/4 diskettes and finally 3 1/2″ semi-rigid floppies.  Also had used/seen punch tape and punch cards.  VHS and Beta tapes, 2 track reel to reel.

Then in the 80’s came laser discs, compact audio disks, RW CD ROM, and DVD, HD DVD, and Blue Ray.

Fast forward to today, somewhere in 2017, you have new options. Not having to go to a movie rental store when you can rent the movie directly from your high definition widescreen monitor ( would say television but that is so last century, and it can also be a computer monitor, so monitor it is ). You no longer get to drive to a Blockbuster, Hollywood Video or some other small video store and walk up and down the aisles, browsing categories and judging some movies by the covers. You can buy lots of old/B movie/Direct to DVD titles at stores like Walmart; you just dig through a bin of $5 or less DVDs and sometimes, just sometimes you find a gem. Which you can then purchase, take home and rip a digital copy and put the physical copy in storage as “backup”.

So many digital things I “posses”  are living in the cloud, and what is the true definition of the cloud?









The cloud is the future and the now, but I want to eventually be my own cloud.  Personal private cloud mostly for

I guess I am old fashioned in some sense because saying goodbye to the old physical media is bittersweet. And I’m a control freak, so leaving it to someone else works for me, but I like control where I can get it.



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