Linux, is it the siren song of the Windows world?

I thought about that today, mainly because I’ve moved 98% of my computing off of Microsoft’s products.

I’m not talking about Office or any of Microsoft’s bloated software, outside of the bloat that is Windows, even Windows IoT would be a bad choice in my opinion.

I left Widows for Mac, yep, I jumped off of the ship that I had been riding for years… and before that DOS, funny, I did miss DOS after windows effectively killed it

But am so much happier now that I’ve gone much further down the “rabbit hole” into Linux.  If I were to purchase a desktop computer again, I would be installing CentOS, or at the very least Ubuntu… because I have grown apart from windows. I want control, and flexibility. If it means that I need to learn more coding, or a different platform, I will intend to do so.

Actually recently I have played with setting up a cluster of computers to serve a web site, and am deciding if I want my servers to be Raspberry Pis, with one weird Pine64 machine. And I’m not even sure I will use the Pine64… Still up in the air.

The benefits I have found with Linux over Windows is that I don’t have to pay a few hundred dollars for an Operating system that is riddled with bugs and other issues that attract Virus writers. It’s Free; Linux is, and secure as long as you set it up correctly.

Recently I set up a URL shortening service and I left it open, meaning that anyone could create a short URL against my web site.  I’ve fixed that issue so I won’t bore you with any more of it.  Let’s just say it was a good learning opportunity.

Geek on!

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