Early impressions of the Pine64

Hello dear readers,

I promised some kind of review for the pine64, since it finally arrive at my doorstep from a long trip starting in the silicon delta in china.

I received the board and it came with an sd card that had the android operating system on it.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to run android on a computer, no, more like using it on a tablet device such as the kindle fire, which I have a handful of. So I am not interested in using a tablet focused operating system on a 64bit supercomputer that goes for $15.00!

No I don’t want that and so far this SOC based on the Allwinner A64 is a disappointment; Why? Well because there is very little GOOD documentation for it, and the linux distributions for it are scarce, and not guaranteed to boot or work. I had finally found a distro that works, unfortunately it’s not CentOS, but rather a 64 bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 for the , I think it’s really Xubuntu — based on some articles I have read on the web.

So, right now, I’m just setting it up to be a web server, let’s see how it can handle some traffic.

I’m not surprised that I was disappointed by Pine64, Raspberry Pi has a matured user base, many distros to choose from, and it’s still a bargain at $35.00. $15 for a board that has little flexibility is just like throwing $90 at the board for the kickstart campaign (yeah that’s what I did… oh well). It is a bit painful. But a lesson well learned, and I will keep it in case the company finally comes out with some decent images to burn to an sd drive to boot on the Pine64. Or when BerryBoot is ported to the platform.

Also it seems like the crew at Pine64 was way out of their depth, and had some serious management issues. Managing the backer’s expectations. They could have done better with that.

Geek on!

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