Well, about a year ago, I backed a kickstarter project…

Today I received a padded envelope from The Silicon Delta in China.  I was a twitter with excitement!

You see, I backed a project for the Pine-64, which at the time was going to be the first single board 64 bit ‘supercomputer’. A short while after I sent my funds for my level of backer ($90), the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ was released, a 64 bit SOC, kind of taking the wind out of Pine computer’s sails.  It’s first claim to fame was it was the first $15 SOC 64 bit computer, and it’s still that.  It’s just not a Raspberry Pi.

Since it’s sitting on my desk, I don’t have enough experience with it to give you a full review, but hang tight, I’ll post the review soon.

As you can see it looks a bit different from the Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

For now, Geek On!  Catch you later.

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