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I just recently decided that I needed to expand my network at home, too much traffic on the wi-fi, which would lessen once I hard wire these devices.
So, here’s how it goes. I have a cable modem, that plugs in to the wan Ethernet port on my router, on the other side of the router plugged into one of the local network ports on the router is a 16 port 1Gb unmanaged switch. From there I have two legs that run to opposite rooms upstairs. THe one leg that goes to my Son’s room is attached to a router that is in bridge mode. Works like a champ.

The second leg of the network goes into the master bedroom, where I spilt it off to two more unmanaged switches, one 5 port and the other an 8 port. The 8 port was the last thing I added to the network before it collapsed.

All the lights were lit and indicating network traffic. So it looked like everything worked, but I couldn’t connect via wi-fi or an ethernet cable into one of the switches.

So, this is a big problem, my wife is in School, my Son and Daughter are in school, and I’m taking online training, and looking for work. Everyone was without internet. Two days. It took me two days to figure out that the last unmanaged switch was causing the network to crap out. You see when I was plugging in the cables from my devices to the switch, I got mixed up and made a loop by connecting a cable to one port on the switch, and connecting the other side to another port on the same unmanaged switch.

Well, let me tell you, that was a really simple error. Caused lots of network traffic, more like a traffic storm. And since it was unmanaged, there was no Spanning Tree process taking care of the loop.

I unplugged the cable and eventually all the devices came back online and all I need to do is fix the DNS server, and life will be great.

Careful when expanding any network, or installation, make sure you plug the right plugs into the correct sockets.


I have been having lots of fun with my Raspberry Pis and wanted to focus on reporting on projects and resources.

Please take a look:

Not as great as

But it’s pretty good!


Dear Apple:

I love your products, I own quite a few. Beautiful Designs, smart functionality.

Here is my suggestion for the next big iPhone advancement. Make it so I can engage Siri during a phone conversation to look things up or make appointments, send a text… Oh how much of a game changer could that be, making plans with the person you are speaking to and then making the appointments/meetings with Siri while still on the call. Even checking sports scores, or the temperature… Genius! Oh, and so some people won’t get upset, have Siri be able to switch on and off by voice command….

And yes, I do own Apple Watch…. not the way out of this world Gold Edition one, just a humble stainless steel job-e.  And I love how Siri works on it.  Expand Siri out to my conversation stream, just from my side… I don’t think the response should be just for my ear, but a part of the conversation.

“Let Siri be a part of the conversation.”

That Dear Apple is a game changer.

You are welcome! Now offer me a position please.

Best regards,

Chris Wagner


A reposting from my Facebook feed, I should have posted here first… 🙂

There are times when I wish I had my digital phone recording equipment still set up. You see I had jut received a call from a pleasant but urgent sounding gentleman from India.

(Me answering phone): Hello? pause Hello?
Gentleman: Hi I am calling from windows technical support to let you know that we have been getting notifications that your computer is being attacked by hackers and viruses. Every time you boot your computer and go to facebook or any other web site your computer is reporting to our Servers that it is slow and is under attack.
ME: OoooKaay
GENTLEMAN: Are you the primary user of your computer?
ME: Yes
GENTLEMAN: Well it is very urgent that we look at your computer because hackers are doing illegal things on it.
ME: (Vaugely interested in seeing where this goes) Oh no! I can’t have someone on my computer doing illegal things, can you help me?
GENTLEMAN: Yes, are you in front of your computer now? Can you see the screen?
ME: (staring at my Linux based Raspberry Pi computer) I can see it.
GENTELMAN: Look on the keboard on the bottom left side next to the CTRL Key do you see a 4 flat windows key?
ME: Yes I do.
GENTLEMAN: Press the key and while you are pressing it down press the R key as well.
ME: (not doing anything) It’s not doing anything.
GENTLEMAN: Press the window key and R.
ME: It’s not doing anything.
GENLTEMAN: (frustration in the voice) Do you know how to open the Run Box?
ME: The run box?
GENTLEMAN: Yes where you tell the computer to run a program?
ME: (very pregnant pause) Oh, you mean like running a command?
GENTLMEAN: Yes exactly like that.
ME: I have the run box open.
GENTLEMAN: What does it say in the box, is it blank?
ME: Hmmmm… why yes, it is blank.
GENTLEMAN: Ok, now I want you to type this into the run box: (name changed to protect someone from trying this at home)
GENTLEMAN: Yes and click run.
ME: Nothing is happening, oh wait it said File not found.
GENTLEMAN: (irked, because I did that like 5 times) READ BACK TO ME LETTER BY LETTER what you have typed in.
GENTLEMAN: Ok, open a browser, do you have a browser?
ME: Yes, IceWeasel (true, it’s the browser I have on the Raspberry Pi)
GENTLEMAN: Run Mozilla browser.
GENTLEMAN: put the in the URL bar.
ME: Ok
GENTLEMAN: What do you see? is there a red box that says GET IT NOW?
ME: Yes, I see it.
GENTLEMAN: Click on it and download the software.

***At this point I had to let him in on my con.
ME: No way, are you kidding me? You want me to install some random software from a person who called me out of the blue? Oh wait, another screen has popped up on my Raspberry Pi Linux Computer it is (letter by letter I said) WWW.SU*%MYD!@*.JERK.
GENTLEMAN: Dial tone.

Be careful out there, some people are always trying to social engineer their way into your stuff. Be smart… otherwise they can hold your computer hostage…. UGH. And this is the second time I’ve had someone try to pull that on me.

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