Hello dear Reader(s);

It has been nearly a year and a half since I posted anything on this blog. I have been rather busy and a lot of things have happened in my life.

August 30th 2013 I experienced being laid off from Oracle Corporation. I had been with Sun and then Oracle for 16 years. That was a really long time to not have looked for another position at another company. I plan on writing a few posts about that later, I promise, there are some pretty good tips that I can share about my unemployment.

After about 9 months I landed a job with Hitachi Data Systems as a Product Support Manager. It is different from what I had done in the past in some ways, and a lot of the same in other ways.

I also went and did a few other life changing things. First and foremost I have retired from doing voice acting, the return on investment wasn’t worth the life changes required. Secondly and by far more interesting is that I changed platforms to Apple. I am not going to be a fan boy for apple, but I will start documenting my entry into the Apple Ecosystem.

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Imagine this:  You purchase a car, this car is not essential to you living your life.  But you spent good money on it.

After eighteen months, all of a sudden your car stops being able to take fuel.  You contact the manufacturer of the car and explain the problem to them, and they tell you that they are very sorry about you having to experience this problem.

Then the representative of the car company tells you that there is no place or facility to fix your car, even if it was under a warranty, which in this case the car is 6 months out of warranty.  You didn’t think you needed to purchase and extended warranty because the car company has got a pretty good reputation for customer service and customer satisfaction and that if there was a problem with the car you could get it fixed… but alas that isn’t a option.

The option that the representative from the car company gives you is a discount on a new car, just like the one you have now.  There is no guarantee that this new car won’t experience the same problem in the future and there is no plan to have a facility anywhere that will fix this for you.

So what is it that you do?  Nothing, except to look for another car to replace the one that failed, but no replacement from the car company that you originally got the car from.

Pretty stupid huh?

Now what if I told you that the story wasn’t really about a car, but about a Kindle Fire from Amazon?  Would that make much of a difference?  Would that be surprising to you?

It was to me.



I just recently went to the mall to accompany my family to buy some clothes and stuff.  It’s been a long time since going to the mall, or any store has been an exciting time.

Granted it might be that I’m getting older, and more practical and pragmatic, when I was younger I used to go hang out at the mall all the time.  Back then things were more promising, the future was bright and exciting.

And now we are in the future that we used to dream about.  I’ve got more stuff than I ever thought I would, and that stuff is just amazing.  I can watch movies, listen to music, read almost any book I want right on my computer tablet.

There is a sense of immediate gratification… well, let’s change that – it all is immediate gratification.

So, when I was walking around the mall there were fewer amazing things for sale.  Maybe it’s because I’m jaded over technology… nothing seems to impress anymore, it’s like when a new whiz bang thing comes out (which in my opinion never really happens these days), I don’t look at it and say “Wow that’s really cool, how did they do that” – what I tend to do these days is “Gosh, they should have done this sooner, why have they been slow getting around to this?”

So, it’s either me, or the mall has really become boring?  Is it because I have more responsibilities now?  Or is it because I have about the same amount of spending money that I did when I was 16 or 17 (but I make much more money, it’s all ear-tagged though)?

I’m not quite sure, but maybe one day I’ll have an epiphany…


What would your life be like without facebook?  I recently tried not going on face book for a month, and I wound up in the hospital… Really, I nearly died.  You can read more about it on http://diabetesbites.com.  I didn’t mention that I had stopped using face book, but I did.  And then After I went into the hospital I had to succumb to posting again on face book to make sure people knew I was alright.  And then after that I continued to go onto face book.

So, what can we take away from that story?  That stopping using face book can be hazardous to your health, that’s what I got out of it.

Honestly though the content that is on face book is really just a string of annoying and semi-cute meems.  Nothing is really said that is really totally life changing (except posts that I get from my wife!) or earth shattering.

I thought about what I used to do on the Internet prior to face book, I would go on lots of Internet based BBS, or Bulletin Board Systems… in face pre-Internet I used to operate a pretty popular BBS on my computer in my bedroom.  It had two phone lines that people could dial in on, and I had over 1000 users, which at the time was pretty good for a local San Diego based BBS.  I also used to go to the news sites, such as CNN and MSNBC.  But now articles are posted up on face book and we get some of our news, however iffy, from face book.

I would get all of my social interaction from email and IMing…  Now all that is available on face book, and more and more people are getting on and using the facebook platform for messaging, chatting, and sharing your most interesting (well, at least you think so) pictures and adventures.

I recently have been trimming up my face book account, I’ve been getting tired of seeing loads of pictures of dogs that need to be adopted, or they will be put down today!!!! (and every day it seems).  I’ve got 4 animals that were rescues… and I have no room for any more.  Nor do I know anyone who has a need or a place for a rescue pet.  So I hid from my news feed those people who are literally barraging me with “Save this pet, and if you can’t forward it to someone else”. What an important thing, but I feel like I’m being dragged into participating in spam.

I think that life would be a lot less drama filled, and we would be much better off spending more time away from our computers and spend more time with our fellow humans.  I’m thinking of switching off facebook again, but am I ready to head to the hospital again?  That is the big question.






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